Link to the fanfiction:

This is based on my favorite fimfic and felt it needed some cool video things. I highly recommend it. While the first book is an easy read, the entire series (so far) is over 3 million words and still going. Still well worth the journey

This took way longer to make than it should have (~10 months) due to the shear number of completely unique scenebuilds and texture edits it required.

Before it is asked, this was not a paid commission or request. It was done because the story is badass and deserved some screen time. Some things were left out due to either model restrictions or to minimize spoilers.

Why not the original Japanese version of the song? Copyright. Other versions have been taken down due to such. Not worth the risk, even though I prefer it as it works better with the action portions.

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Created using Source FilmMaker


Brave Shine (English Cover) by Sapphire

Base Pony Models by Nahka

Models used from:

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