We had a ton of fun making the 2nd Ever DUI event. Somthing to look forard to every once in awhile.

Here is the footage!

We have been around for a long time. Almost 10 years, Its been the same group of pals over the years. And as things change so do we. All our partners and competition either their website has pictures of dogs or the domain just doesn't work anymore.

Over the years when machinima was king We produced many brilliant film features. We scored amazing songs and sound effects. Built fantastic software and built some insane mods for BF2.

Years ago we where young and ambitious and that served us time to make some amazing things.

But Now that we are older we have moved to our lives that dont serve blue like it once did.

If we are honest, Blue hasnt done much in over 2 years. And for that We arnt exactally shut down. But at the same time we are not active either.

With that being said. This site wont be going anywhere. and will still be around as a platform for anybody to use when they see fit.

We have absolutely been doing nothing productive all day. We have been playing nothing but rust non stop. This is a truth.

Testing the BB Code below.

And boy are they! Now we can post things!

The old tried and true community!

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